Sunday, December 6, 2009

Del Monte Peas, 1958

Del Monte Peas Ad 1958, originally uploaded by sueism1.

"Peas Indienne... inspired by the Orient for adventurous tastes, and so easy with Del Monte Peas.

Weather you try them in an exotic dish like this, or just hot, buttered and delicious, there's nothing ordinary about Del Monte Early Garden Peas!

They're better peas, better grown. They're all selected for flavor and tenderness. And you get the smaller, sweeter peas combined with the richer-tasting, larger ones - in a happy natural flavor blend that's characteristic of a batch of fresh peas you'd shell and cook yourself.

This kind of flavor and tenderness make the convenience of canned peas a complete joy. Taste Del Monte Early Garden Peas - you'll see!"

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