Monday, December 28, 2009

Survox - Primor, 1930

Scanned from Portuguese magazine Cinéfilo, No. 89, May 3 1930. Click image for 1778 x 1242 size.

"Price does not quality make

Proof of this is the 'Survox-Primor', an European aparatus for projection of talking pictures, Vitafone system, that has started and mantained to this day the projections of The White Devil, a UFA sound super-production, at the Politeama Cinema, to audiences' undisputed pleasure and praise fom the critics,

in spite of its low cost, within reach of all Portuguese distributors

this aparatus, entrusted to the Politeama while it awaited the delivery of another one ordered from a different manufacturer, gave complete satisfaction, although it was originally intended to a show house with fewer seats.

Mr. exibitor: the audience in your cinema demands you follow the route of Progress. Progress today, in the movies, is talking pictures. Your show room can not lag behind, unaware of the new dawn of cinema - Sound. Of your iniciative depends the leg up your cinema can have right now over your competition: order an aparatus without delay.

Survox = Primor

We are at your disposal for any information you require regarding 'Survox - Primor', the apparatus that for minimum cost grants you maximum revenues.

Etablissements Survox - Primor - Paris"

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