Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tokalon moisturizer, 1946

Scanned from Portuguese magazine O Século Ilustrado, March 16, 1946.

"How a newlywed found beauty and happiness

But a month ago I was an ordinary girl without any charms, says Madame G...

When I reached 25 I began to fear I would be left on the shelf. I was going to a lot of balls, but I made no impression. A friend of mine, newlywed, told me her secret. 'What you need is a skin full of freshness, fair, beautiful for men to admire', she told me. Today, John tells me it was my youthful radiant appearance that first attracted him.

Here is what I've done: every night I applied skin nourishing cream Tokalon Pink. It contains a precious extract of skin cells, discovered by a reputed Viennese specialist. During sleep, this cream nourishes and beautifies your skin. In the morning, I'd apply Tokalon White cream (non fat). In a few days my skin became fresh, fair, soft as velvet, my pores dilated, all spots and black spots completely vanished.

Do men find YOU seductive and captivating? If not, start today. Give your skin a new life of beauty with nourishing Tokalon cream. Do not mistake Tokalon with ordinary creams that contain no nourishing ingredient for your skin.

In every perfume shop and good houses."

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