Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leite de Colónia, 1954

Scanned from Brazillian magazine Fon Fon, No. 2446, 20 February 1954. Image kindly donated by Ciana Bodini. Click image for 1104 x 1584 size.

"A new life for your skin!

Start using now the toning 'Beauty Massage' with the medicinal properties of Milk of Cologne

1 - Every day, before going to bed, wash your face with plenty of water. Don't dry.

2- Next, shake the bottle, pour some Milk of Cologne on a bit of cotton and apply it to your wet face, using circular motions, up and down.

Now you no longer have to disguise your skin's imperfections or flacidness with excessive makeup. Yes.. it will be easy to maintain your skin's natural softness... Your skin's natural charm! Start, today, to revitalize it with 'beauty massage', with the medicinal properties of Milk of Cologne, thus removing spots, pimples, and so many other skin eruptions. The 'beauty massage with Milk of Cologne will make your skin alive again, with a new and seductive natural charm!

Milk of Cologne is prepared by doctor Arthur Studart."

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