Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rose Milk, 1953

Scanned from Brazilian magazine Fon Fon, No. 2437, 26 December 1953. Image kindly donated by Ciana Bodini of A Colecionista blog. Click image 1446 x 2146 size.

"Rose Milk

The formula that gives 'It'

Today one can find a bottle of Rose Milk everywhere where beauty, elegance and good taste are appreciated. It's exquisite presence in the modern Eve's room has been consecrated in several countries as 'the most effective and advised beautifier of women'. Its very name reminds you of beauty, of its suggestive perfume and of the charm of roses. This notable preparation is today«s most gratifying homage one can make to the delicate feminine soul.

Please read carefully the accompanying instructions, to learn of the secrets of its use."

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