Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shell Motor Oil, 1930

Scanned from Portuguese magazine Ilustração, No. 118, November 16 1930. Click image for 941 x 1287 size.

"Do you wish to save? Shellubrify

Queenland Air Navigation Limited
Air Service Operators
Air Mail Contractors

The manager,
The Shell Company of Australia Limited

Dear Sir,

One of our machines, a Gypsy Moth, VH-UIR has used Golden Shell Oil solely and the Oil has been changed at proper intervals, with the result that when the Machine came in for a general overhaul, after the Machine covered 35,000 miles, there was no necessity for replacements, and Bearings, etc, were found to be in perfect order, equal to any machines that have only done 50 hours running on other lubricating Oils.

I also wish to mention the fact that the Air Service Machines, using Siddeley Lynx Engines and your lubricating Oil, Golden Shell, have done 275 hours per Engine, covering 18,000 miles in the first month, at the cost of only one valve spring, and the Engines are in perfect order and condition.

Ia m,
Yours faithfully,
Technical Adviser

Each drop counts"

Click image for 875 x 743 size.

Ilustração, No. 118, November 16 1930 - 9a

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