Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Camay soap, 1951

vintage ad - Camay 1951, originally uploaded by autumnsensation.
"An 'Orange Blossom' skin

Your complexion is smoother - clearer, too - with your First Cake of Camay!

Mrs. Jackson Stanton, the former Marian Richards of California, is a recent - and lovely - Camay Bride

Doesn't Marian Stanton look like a story-book princess? Her hair is the color of spun gold - her eyes are azure. Yes, and Marian has a complexion soft and lovely as any heroine of fiction. Her first cake of Camay brought romantic new beauty to her skin!

Say 'Camay' and Marian's eyes sparkle. 'Camay smooths and freshens your complexion so quickly,' she confides to friends. 'Why, when I changed to regular care and mild, gentle Camay - my very first cake brought a clearer, softer look to my skin!'

You'll be lovelier, too - when you change to regular care - use Camay alone. Camay's lather is rich and creamy - just the kind you need to wake the sleeping beauty of your skin. Use Camay - and a softer, clearer complexion will be your reward!"

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