Saturday, November 14, 2009

Skippy Peanut Butter, 1966

1966.07.01 Life P058, originally uploaded by Wishbook.

Life magazine.

"Capture America's most wanted nut!

Don't let the flimsy disguise fool you. America's most wanted nut is a U. S. No. 1 peanut. Nut nuts (persons who are nuts about the fun of eating nuts) all over America are nuts about this nut. It is truly a nut nut's nut. Yet capturing its fine, fresh-roasted flavor is a breeze. Simply pick up a jar of Skippy. In all the world, only two things taste exactly like fancy, fresh-roasted No. 1 peanuts. Peanuts themselves and Skippy Peanut Butter. Because of the exclusive, patented way it's made, Skippy arrests, detains and keeps that fresh-roasted, U. S. Grade No. 1 flavor for you from first dip to last dab. So reward yourself! Nut nut or not, if you like peanuts - you'll like Skippy. America's largest selling, most wanted peanut butter."

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Skippy, Inc. said...

This ad is a stunning example of the malice and fraud by the peanut butter co. that stole the famous SKIPPY name and character created by Percy Crosby. The ad appeared at the same time that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration found that "Skippy peanut butter is adulterated and outlawed", following complaints of thousands of consumers, and while Percy Crosby's heirs were suing.

Read the true story of the massive fraud behind the bogus Skippy patent and stolen SKIPPY trademark at It will explain the malicious purpose behind this ad, and why Unilever's claim it "owns" the SKIPPY name is an outright lie.

Joan Crosby Tibbetts
President, Skippy, Inc.