Saturday, December 18, 2010

Roper Gas Range

Roper Gas Range ad, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Click image for 555 x 800 size. Scanned from "Kitchen Kitsch - Eat & Drink in America".

"Design for Living... Graciously

With a New Roper Gas Range

Alltrol 'center-simmer' top burner are mucj faster... more efficient... ideal every way

'Bake-naster' ovens pre-heat faster... bake and roast while using less fuel

'Roper-glo' broiler burners broil big, thick steak in 10 minutes or less

Built to 'CP standards

'America's Fines'... Performance Proves It!

The great new ROPER automatic gas ranges provide a carefree cooking service that's superior in every respect. Utilizing Gas, the nation's favorite fuel, they assure the ultimate in speed, cleanliness, convenience and economy. More than 69 years of gas range manufacturing experience has contributed to the host of exclusive ROPER features you can enjoy today. Choose your new ROPER from the most complete line of gas ranges in the industry. Wrote for Free Folder T. Ask your ROPER retailer about these new beauties. Geo. D. Roper Corporation, Rockford, Illinois.

Roper Gas Ranges . Roper Gas Ranges in Decorator Colors
Roper 'arRANGEable' Built-In Gas Cooking Units
Roper 'Dry-Aire' Gas Clothes Dryers"

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