Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tinker Toys, 1925

Tinker Toys ad, 1925, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Scanned from Taschen's "All-American Ads of the 20s". Click image for 613 x 900 size.

"-and Such A Happy Dream!

She dreams that with Old Mother Goose she has just arrived in Tinker Toy Land, riding a Choo Choo Tinker- Hurrah, there's going to be a Tinker Toy Circus! Pony Tinker leads the parade with his rider that bounces up and down. Clown Tinker does all sorts of funny things that make Belle and Tom Tinker clap their hands with joy. Then come Siren Tinker, with Follow-Me Tinker, Drag-on Tinker and Whirly Tinker with the funny twins.

Oh, it's heaps of fun in Tinker Toy Land!

Tinker Toys are sold at the better stores, in Toy and Infant Departments.

From the Shops of
The Toy Tinkers, Inc.
Evanston, Ill."

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