Friday, January 15, 2010

Nally cosmetics, 1930

Scanned from Portuguese magazine Ilustração, No. 112, August 16 1930. Click image for 1085 x 1494 size.

"Having admired the magnificent Nally products, that were so kindly offered to me, I would like to think of them in the hands of every Portuguese ladies.

Queen Amélia

In the very noble words of the august lady:

'If in Portugal perfumery products such as Nally are made, it is necessary that all Portuguese ladies wear them. I have set off the example, as far as the Portuguese national industry goes, for while I lived at the court in Portugal, I set for myself as a rule to always use national products.'

Nally perfumery and beauty products have won unique references from queens, princesses and aristocrats from all over the world!

Never before have any other products attained the public appreciation of ladies of such elevated rank and refined elegance, and that in itself places the Nally brand above any other, no matter how high or justified its fame."

Click image for 804 x 870 size.

Ilustração, No. 112, August 16 1930 - 5a

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