Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lux Fabric Wash, 1926

Lux Fabric Wash, 1926, originally uploaded by Gatochy.

Scanned from Taschen's "All-American Ads of the 20s". Click image for 677 x 876 size.

"On Monday .. worth $100
On Tuesday.. worth how much?

The ordinary Monday washing is harder on your clothes than six days' wear! 4c a week and you treat everything like fine fabrics!

Count up their cost as you sort the laundry. Even at medium prices your husband's shirts cost $2.00 apiece (and at least 3 in the wash every week!) his underwear $2.00, pajamas $3.00, your housedresses $4.50 each, nightgowns $2.00, the children's rompers $3.00, sheets $2.00 a piece and so on.

More than $100 worth of clothes all told in your own wash on Monday!

What are they worth on Tuesday?

The punishment your clothes get in an ordinary washing is harder on them than all the wear you give them the rest of the week. You can't afford to let the old harsh laundry soap wear out any more clothes in the washing! Clothes cost too much to risk them!

Treat all your laundry like fine fabrics! For just 4c more than you pay for ordinary laundry soap you give all your clothes Lux protection -- save dollars in wear and tear!

You know how faithfully Lux has always guarded your finer things -- your silk and delicate woolens -- how after even repeated washings it restores to you fresh and lovely as new.

Now all your clothes and precious household linens deserve this same fine fabric care! How radiantly clean, rich, sudsy Lux leaves your clothes -- how much longer they last! Lux cleanses out all the dirt without straining the fine fabrics. And -- what's so important: without fading colors.

So kind to hands!

As for your hands -- you can hardly believe such a difference possible! Harsh soap is so rough -- bites your hands so unmercifully. Lux suds are as caressing as the finest toilet soap. Lever Bros. Co., Cambridge, Mass.

Now let Lux save your hands in the laundry just as it does when you wash out a bit of finery -- when you wash dishes.

Enough in the big package for two average washdays."

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